Real Spells That Work

If you’ve got personal problems, have tried all the usual solutions…. and nothing’s worked, then why not try real spells that work.

Many people will say that you could be dabbling with things that are dark or dangerous, but the reality is that spell casting  just channels your own desires and wishes and uses natural energies to benefit your life…….For example

You may be wishing  to :-

  • Find a loving partner
  • Have more luck with money
  • Find a new job
  • Deal with negativity against you
  • Become healthier.

Well, why not use Nature’s positive natural forces to make these changes and feel like you’re getting some control back in your life.


Ancient Beginnings

Spells have been known as early as  Egyptian times, who were casting spells that helped a person’s dead spirit on its journey to the afterlife, and so have been around for thousands of years in many different countries, and like a lot of things that have been around for so long “there has to be something in it”, nothing stays around for so long without having some credibility.

How things have changed

The image of someone who casts spells is of a hooked nosed old Witch, warts and all, whereas the reality nowadays is someone who looks pretty normal.   modern witch

 Spells use Natural Powers

There is a world of difference between the perception of Magic and the reality of casting real spells. You have probably been interested in making some changes in your life and have considered options to give you a helping hand in life,  you may have even tried casting a few spells, but so far………nothing…… and why?


It’s not your fault, it’s just because you haven’t been shown the right way………. Yet !


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Well, it was the same for me  for years, I’ve always thought I had something a bit different about me, some extra sort of energy. I’ve had a couple of occasions that brought me close to death, yes really,  I was even given the last rites on one occasion !! . On both these occasions I pulled through without any sort of residual problems. Lucky I guess…..or was it something more? Maybe someone was looking after me?


spell casting


Guardian Force

For years this made me think that  I had a spirit guardian looking after me. But for some time a, while ago, I didn’t know what happened but my guardian had either given up on me or had just plain gone :(

The good luck I usually had, in both matters of love and money had gone, it felt like there was an external malevolent force working against me. I thought long and hard what it was that I was doing or had done to upset things, but could think of nothing.

Then, like you’re doing, I was surfing online as to how I could change these things when I saw something about spell casting, I was intrigued

As I’d tried most normal ways to change my luck and  fortune, with my unknown force working against me. The more I read that there are real spells that work and the way that natural forces can be used in positive ways the better I began to feel.

Now, I don’t know how it works, but I also don’t know how texting on a cell phone works either – but do it everyday without thinking . So I thought maybe  need to cast a spell to remove the curse that was working against me.

Positive Thoughts

All I know is that I read through the ebook and  thinking positively all the time “this is going to work” , cast the spell, which was fully explained “step by step” and waited.

ancient book of spells

As cheesy as it sounds, but slowly bit by bit my luck started changing. No I didn’t suddenly start winning vast sums of money or become the CEO of a multi million pound company. I just felt like my good old self was returning.

Casting that spell got me a new job doing what I used to do, which meant I was earning at a level I had before, and because I hadn’t earned the same amount for a while the Tax man sent me a rebate as well :)  More good luck.

A Spell For Everything

There are spells for every area of your life and all can be used to improve that area as many times as you want. You’ll learn how to cast spells to:-

  • Magick Money Magnets to attract money to your home
  • Healing Basic Ailments, keep your family healthy
  • Banish Negativity, protect yourself from curses and hexes
  • Stop Bullies, stop bad intentions against you
  • Spell to stop Addictions, either yours or a loved ones
  • Prevent Astrological Blockages, get the energy you need

And many, many more.

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Making Life That Bit Easier

Personally, I feel that life is hard enough anyway, and any little help from whatever area can only be a good thing. You may think totally differently and consider spells, magick, natural forces to be a load of balloney well, that’s fine, just carry on as you are, or learn how to cast spells, easily and with objects that are readily available, and start to see benefits in your life. But Heh! that’s up to you.

I wasn’t looking for someone to cast spells for me, I wanted to gain some knowledge and have a few spells that I could call upon to use as and when needed, and the more I read the more positive I felt that I had found……. real spells that work.


Spells For Beginners

So you’re feeling fed up with some areas of you life and want to change them and are looking for spell casting  for beginners. So was I.

Safe Spells

I felt like I was always just getting by, always just struggling by, and was looking for something to try and help.I’d read loads of self-help books and given most a go, when I came across a site about spells and spell casting.

My first thought was….No Way, I’m not getting involved in Black Magic with all that entails.


evil spell


Then, the more I thought about it and looked into it I began to realise it had nothing to do with the dark side of magick, just the positive side. However I didn’t know the first thing about it so needed to learn.

Spells for Everyone

It wasn’t too difficult as it didn’t have anything to do with summoning spirits or demons, nothing to do with joining a coven or cult or anything from the dark side of occultism.

Now I don’t profess to know what I’m doing, but what I do know is that I was so low I thought I would give it a go. Heck! It  couldn’t get any worse. I don’t know about you but even when I was at  my lowest I always felt that something great was around the corner I just had to let it in.

And so it was I searched for real working spells and found a spell that I thought I could cast and suited the problem I had. (I don’ t want to describe it for fear of negating the potency).

Using Natural Forces

As I said, I’m fairly open minded, but a little sceptical, regarding mystical matters so was amazed when little by little the thing I cast a spell about started to change for the better:)

Now, I have no intention of  dabbling any further into the occult as I feel that not having the experience could be harmful. But being able to use natural energy, energy that we have long since forgotten how to harness, to make helpful changes in our lives cannot be considered harmful.


Real Spells That Work – A Beginners Guide

You are probably reading this because you were intrigued by the title “Real Spells That Work” well, so was I. You, like me, have some sort of problem, and have tried al the usual ways of solving it and nothing’s worked. So now you’re ready to try something a little bit different.

Spell Casting – Old and New

The casting of spells usually conjures up (no pun intended Ha Ha :) ) images of hideous Witches toiling over boiling cauldrons with all sorts of strange and curious ingredients bubbling away.

old hag

 Nobody really knows when spells were  first cast, but all indications are that the ancient Egyptians were using spells, as early as 1550 BC, during their burial ceremonies that became the “Book of the Dead”. These spells were designed to help the spirit overcome obstacles on it’s way to the afterlife.

Circe the daughter of  Helios, the God of the Sun was also know as a witch with the ability to cast spells and change enemies into animals, and was mentioned in Homers Odyssey.

Spells – The New Way

So the casting of spells has been around for many thousands of years and used to be practised only by the enlightened, the knowledge handed down through generations or chosen apprentices. Now this knowledge is being made available to people like you and me so that we can finally get some control in our lives. So a spell caster of today is more likely to look just like a normal person.



This control can take the form of  whatever the problem is that you want to solve, but are  mainly based around love, luck and money. Sure, there are many specific spells that cover all areas of your life but they’ll generally fall into one of those categories.


Casting Spells with an Open Mind

Now I don’t know how it works, and to be honest I don’t think I need to, I mean I use my cell phone every day to send texts, but I don’t know how it works.

All I know is that I’ve always had an open mind to alternative practices whether they be medical or spiritual and have always had thoughts that we have guardian angels/spirits that we can contact or appear in times of need, should we be in the correct state of mind.

There have also been instances where I have felt as though I’ve had premonitions of  events about to happen, so trying spell casting seemed a logical next step, I just needed to find real spells that work and someone to show me how to cast them.

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My Story

Man taking break 0001

I don't know about you, but,in the last Eighteen Months I have had quite a decent slice of bad luck, misfortune, negative feelings - call it what you will, but to me it's felt like someone somewhere has got it in for me.

Now, I consider myself quite a positive person, I wake up every morning and feel like "today is going to be a great day""! then, by the end of the day I feel exhausted again by how difficult the day has been just to get nowhere.

I mean flat out exhausted, then I hit the sack and manage about 5 hours sleep before waking in a panic, wondering how I can get more money coming in, get a better job, keep my partner happy, get healthier and all together feel better, more productive and that my life is moving forward.

It honestly felt as though some negative force was working against me. Every time I put my effort into doing something new, there was an equal amount of force working in the opposite direction.

I WAS TIRED..........all the time............ it seemed like a battle just to stand still.

So I had to try something new..............